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What are Veterans Talking To Veterans Community Coaching Groups?

group coaching trauma-informed veteran suicides veterans talking to veterans May 22, 2023

The experiences of military service have challenged active military, veterans, and their families for centuries. Now a story process equally as old can help participants address their problems and see their world in new and hopeful ways.

Those who serve, and their families, live with challenges others cannot imagine. When you do not know who to turn to, turn to your brothers and sisters who do understand. 

Veterans Talking to Veterans (VTTV) are community coaching groups — not therapy or peer groups. The weekly groups are facilitated by Veterans, or family members,  who are trained trauma-informed coaches. Through their guidance, healing conversations lead to new levels of motivation in every domain of life. 

The veteran trauma-informed coaches focus on liberating Veterans' capacities to heal themselves and ignite their motivation. VTTV coaches improve the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being of Veterans. As a network of trained professionals, they unite the domains of community, workplace, and home. They work with both groups and individuals. 

Veterans have a higher occurrence of both chronic disease and mental illness than the general population. Veterans Talking to Veterans Coaches build mental and physical health in Veterans. As such, they also recognize red flags and warning signs that disrupt physical health and mental illness. Working with individuals, they are trained to partner with Veterans to seek relevant medical, mental health, and even financial professionals.

The weekly community coaching groups are free in Wyoming. They meet once a week in 12 communities, including online. They are open to all retired and current members of the Military Department and their families. We encourage you to come to a group and see what is possible!

Join us for a transformative and immersive storytelling and coaching dialogue each week. This dynamic community coaching group will give you a place to connect with fellow military, veterans, and family. If you do not want to come for yourself, come for others who need you.

Veterans Talking to Veterans compelling approach to post-traumatic growth encourages dialogue that brings into fruition fresh ways to look at your challenges and unearth potential solutions.

This proven framework will lead you to

  •  Find new meaning and purpose in your life 
  •  Identify and reframe self-defeating perceptions
  •  Generate open-mindedness and creativity in your life
  •  Enhance your self-awareness 
  •  Foster new perspectives
  •  Reflect on your values

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Turning adversity into healing and growth is hidden in theĀ story. Find the secrets here.