Take your coaching to the next level with ICF Accreditated Training!

ICF Level 2 Training

Level 2 training prepares coaches to meet the standards of the professional coach. With approximately 65 hours of training, coaches improve their coaching skills. Companies enhance their reputation with happier, more productive, and engaged employees. All Mentor Agility programs are trauma-informed.

Find Your Clients' Story of Success

Learn from the top storytelling coaches in the industry, like John Bucher, Sherry Yellin, Simon Blackhall and Julie Elledge. Discover creative evidence-based practices found nowhere else to bring out your clients' best self personally and professionally.


Advanced Trauma-Informed Coaching

The workplace is ripe with traumatic events. Witnessing an accident, listening to another person’s traumatic event, mismatch manger/employee, burnout, and bullying are just a few events that can cause trauma. Research suggests the most common response to a traumatic event is to use the experience as a catalyst for post traumatic growth. Coaching has been an underrepresented expertise that protects mental health and social well-being. The Advanced Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification is a culturally aware and context mindful approach.

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Creative Leadership Certification

Creativity is the quintessential quality every organization seeks. Often seen as an individual quality, this certification breaks the mold. Employees want to be coached, not managed. This is the opportunity to build retention and employee engagement with coaches who understand how to move your organization from an occasional individual creative star into a constellation of creative problem solvers working as a team.

Corporate Wellness Certification

In this certification, health and wellness coaches level up their coaching and create a unique coaching program. An effective and sustainable corporate wellness program needs to be designed within the goals and objectives of an organization. A well-developed and implemented program has a host of benefits for both the employer and the employee. In addition to learning advanced coaching skills, this program walks trainees through the highly acclaimed Creating Your Signature Coaching Experiences and the Victim to Creator Series.