Solve Real World Challenges with Trauma-Informed Coaching


Unlock your clients potential by helping them reclaim their voice, empowerment and motivation.

Mentor Agility's

Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification

Award winning Dual Certified ICF Level 1 and NBHWC Accredited Training Coaching Program. 

This evidence-based proven program prepares coaches to work with both groups and individuals, setting the stage to make lifestyle and work-style changes.

The application process is now open for October 7, 2024. Apply for the next cohort.

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A One of a Kind Experience

At Mentor Agility, we have a proven track record of training trauma-informed coaches using our unique methods, proprietary tools, and transformative techniques. Our program is designed to empower coaches with the skills and knowledge to navigate and transform the greatest adversities faced by their clients into sources of insight, motivation, enhanced performance, and goal achievement. Click on "Certification Details" for specifics.


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National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches

Complete this Accredited Training Program to prepare you for the NBHWC Certifying Exam and credentialing. 

International Coaching Federation  Level 1

Graduates from Mentor Agility's ICF Level 1 training demonstrate they have completed rigorous training and passed a practical skills assessment that meets the coaching industry standards.

Mentor Coaching is included!

Using evidence-based coaching markers, coaches grow from mentor coaching feedback measured against coaching core competencies. Providing 7 hours of small group meetings and 3 one hour private meetings, Mentor Coaching facilitates honing coaching skills and structure while being evaluated for ICF and NBHWC competencies. We consider Mentor Coaching to be a vital part of training that we take seriously and most students experience huge strides in their coaching ability. Mentor coaching is an ICF requirement.

Hero's Journey® Change Model

This complete, evidence-based, stage-specific model motivates clients to transition smoothly through the change process.

The Way Coaching Game

The Way, Redefining Your Health, Wealth, and Wisdom stimulates powerful coaching dialogue through the lens of a game.

Work with Groups & Individuals

Mentor Agility's Certified Trauma-Informed Coach Training gives you flexibility to work with groups and individuals.

Hero’s Journey® and the mark of HERO’S JOURNEY® and any copyrighted material authored by Joseph Campbell are used under license from the Joseph Campbell Foundation (

Introduction to Raconteur Coaching

You will explore the power of storytelling with Dr. Joesph Campbell and Dr. Julie Elledge. In addition, you will practice the coaching structure, specifically set a session agreement and facilitate client growth.

3 Gems for a Thriving Mind: Purpose, Creativity and Nature

In this module, you will learn practical coaching techniques that facilitate a process to disrupt stress, stimulate relaxation, and cultivate positive emotions, including meditation, guided imagery, and creative expression.

Cinema Coaching

This module, will teach you how to use movies in the coaching process. 

Heal: Engage in a vicarious, scientific, and spiritual journey that will expand your understanding of healthy living.

You’ll Say Nothing: Explore trauma and its impact on the voice with experts in the field.

Friday Coaching Labs, included!

A valuable value add to our curricula is our Coaching Labs included with tuition. A weekly 2 hour lab where students can practice coaching skills and coaching structure, ask questions about materials, prepare for credential exams, explore personal enrichment and connect with other students all under the guidance of a credentialed coach. Active listening, critical reasoning, and coaching inquiry takes practice and this is great place to do it. And by the way, these monitored coaching opportunities count towards coaching hours needed for credentialing!