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Your trauma-informed coaching experts. Credentialed training for ICF & NBHWC.
Creator of the award winning Veterans Talking To Veterans.

Winner of the Abraham Lincoln Pillar Of Excellence

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) awarded the Wyoming Veterans Commission and Veterans Talking To Veterans for outstanding programs that support Veterans in their states.

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Mentor Agility Awarded

Spirit of Wyoming

Mentor Agility has been honored with the 2024 US Small Business Administration Wyoming District Office's Spirit of Wyoming Award. This prestigious recognition celebrates their embodiment of Wyoming's values of toughness, perseverance, and community involvement. Their outstanding work, particularly through the Veterans Talking To Veterans in partnership with the Wyoming Veterans Commission, highlights their commitment to supporting a self-reliant, thriving Veterans community.


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Find out about Veterans Talking to Veterans. Find a VTTV coaching group in your community or become a Certified VTTV  Coach.

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 What is Trauma-Informed Coaching?

Trauma is a shattering event. Seventy percent of people will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime. It will affect their work as well as their family and community engagement.

For some, a traumatic experience will rise to a mental illness requiring therapy. For most, traumatic experiences transform into  Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). Trauma-informed coaching is the natural partner for PTG turning adversity into healing, growth and re-engagement.

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While I have completed many trainings and certifications, I had no idea how much personal healing I would receive during this course. That is invaluable to me, and I foresee this to be the beginning of many beautiful opportunities, both personally, and professionally. With an open heart, and grateful mind, thank you.

- Amanda Huckabay, Veteran

Upon enrolling, I could not begin to imagine how informative this class and the lessons would be. I cherish the granted opportunity to learn from all of the instructors. The lessons were far beyond my expectations and provided so much insight for personal growth, and I look forward to beginning the journey as a mentor and coach to others. As this journey continues, I also look forward to the introspective self-coaching that I most certainly will realize. Thank you so much for this blessing you have provided.

- Rae Whitley, Veteran

So now I am facilitating groups in my hometown and online. Because being a part of this process, seeing it take hold in other people, well, it is like watching a miracle happen. Correction: It is not LIKE watching a miracle happen, it IS watching a miracle happen. And I don’t know about other people but these days I could use more miracles.

- Stephen Boyes, Psychologist

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An Application of Mentor Agility's
Trauma-Informed Coaching

What is Veterans Talking to Veterans?

VTTV is an application of Mentor Agility's Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification. Veterans or family members are certified to work with Veterans and their families in the community. Veterans are trained as coaches to work individually or with groups in their communities.

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Our comprehensive blog has everything you need to understand our unique and compelling approach to trauma-informed coaching.

What is the Veterans suicide rate?

Jul 16, 2023

‚ÄúAn investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.‚ÄĚ

Ben Franklin


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