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Coaching with Quotes

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Quotes are, in essence, short stories that imbue meaning quickly and efficiently. They are a form of storytelling that uncovers a valuable truth succinctly. A well-spun sentence from a trusted source may even challenge outdated thinking without provoking defenses. Mark Farnsworth, Dean of the University of Texas School of Law and author of Farnsworth’s Classical English Rhetoric, believes people have an appetite for well-expressed wisdom. The supporting evidence would be the quotes that stand the test of time. 

The melodic nature of enduring quotes transport meaning in ways the brain can more easily consume. Quotes survive because they offer some keen insight put into memorable wording. The auditory appeal influences our judgment of the merits of an idea when the wording is stated in a manner convincing and pleasing to the mind. When imagery comes through the words, the imagination knows just what to do. 

A source of inspiration during our darkest moments, quotes proffer hope and guidance. Leaders and their words motivate us on a primal level because we want to be inspired. When we already believe someone to be accomplished, wise, and hold exceptional knowledge, we accept their truth and trust their words. A quote is a handy way to bring their wisdom into our everyday lives.

When it comes to the trap of our limited thinking, the wisdom packaged into a well-constructed message, with strong imagery, appeals to our aspirational nature. Quotes bring our heroes closer and provide the powerful agent of change we need to transform our thinking, especially when they are passed on for generations. They remind us that we are not alone in our struggle and that others have come before us. Quotes stimulate recognition of something special in ourselves. Often, it is just what we need to spark motivation to act upon what we want to change. 

Sometimes, a helping hand to unpack powerful quotes together gets to the shadow stories positively or negatively feeding the attitudes and beliefs laying quietly under our perception. Other times, quotes alone speak the truth that wakes up our sleeping motivation.

These are some of my favorite quotes.


Human potential at its best is to transform a tragedy into a personal triumph, to turn one's predicament into a human achievement.

~ Viktor Frankl


One never rises so high as when one does not know where one is going.

- Oliver Cromwell


The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

- Joseph Campbell


The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.                             

- Michelangelo


When you follow your bliss, doors will open where you never imagine there were any doors.

- Joseph Campbell


And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
- Friedrich Nietzsche


Be careful when you cast out your demons that you dont throw away the best of yourself. 

- Friedrich Nietzsche 


Worry does not empty tomorrow of sorrow, it empties today of strength.

- Corrie Ten Boom


You alone can do it, but you cant do it alone.

- Jung Intensive Summer Program, New York



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Turning adversity into healing and growth is hidden in theĀ story. Find the secrets here.