Why is Trauma-Informed Coaching important?

Research shows that around seventy percent (70%) of adults in the US have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lives. However, it is important to note that Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) is the more common response to trauma. In fact, trauma is not a mental illness unless it becomes PTS. 

Trauma can be the result from various experiences, such as accidents, abuse, violence, natural disasters, loss, ongoing stress, and even vicarious exposure to trauma. The profound effects of trauma extend beyond individuals, influencing relationships, work performance, and overall community well-being. To support those who have experienced trauma on their journey towards resiliency and reclaiming their lives, trauma-informed coaching focuses on motivation and re-engagement.

Our proprietary trauma-informed coaching methodology focuses on empowering individuals without triggering traumatic responses. Through storytelling and skillful coaching dialogue, our coaches partner with clients to tap into their creativity, transforming wounds into meaning and wisdom, and scars into purpose and motivation.

This award winning training and education program is crafted to meet the needs of coaches working with clients for PTG. Each training pathway addresses the essential needs of coaching clients through a trauma informed, health and wellness informed, and financial well-being awareness approach. 

The 2023 US Surgeon General's Report, Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation, warns, "The harmful consequences of a society that lacks social connection can be felt in our schools, workplaces, and civic organizations where performance, productivity, and engagement are diminished."

Proven Storytelling Methodology

Our proven methodology uses storytelling to build trust and bring forth subconscious goal setting and remove hidden barriers to success. Using a storytelling approach, an evidence-based practice,  clients feel supported in the “process of constructing a narrative and understanding how the self has been positively transformed by the traumatic event.” Coaching through story not only builds individual  confidence, it naturally unearths client’s emotional subconscious stories holding them back from performing and achieving at their best. This playful and imaginative coaching process draws out clients creativity and problem solving abilities that builds competence, knowledge acquisition, skill development, insight, and self-confidence.

An exclusive offering of Mentor Agility, and core to the storytelling process, is The Hero’s Journey® Change Model, a proven coaching method based on the work of Joseph Campbell that will prepare you to coach in any setting. Through this exclusive process, coaches learn how to apply the coaching core competencies using the Hero’s Journey® Change Model to frame the step-by-step change process with clients as a hero’s quest, with the client as the hero in their own story. The 8 step process is a road map for coaching and even has a loop-back for clients who re-define their goals and objectives as they move forward.

Tools You Need To Build A Successful Coaching Practice 

We understand the profound impact that trauma can have on individuals, and our comprehensive training equips coaches with the tools and techniques necessary to effectively support clients in their healing and growth journeys. Through our program, coaches develop a deep understanding of trauma-informed approaches and gain valuable insights into how to leverage these approaches to bring about personal and professional transformation. 

These proprietary tools and techniques, grounded in storytelling, are carefully designed to empower coaches to not only manage the challenges that clients face but also to harness those experiences as catalysts for growth and resilience. We believe that adversity can be a powerful source of insight and motivation, and our program enables coaches to guide their clients towards unlocking their full potential.

By joining our program, you will embark on a transformative journey that will enhance your coaching skills, broaden your understanding of trauma-informed practices, and equip you with the confidence and expertise to make a lasting impact on the lives of your clients. Together, we will empower individuals to navigate adversity, discover their strengths, and achieve their goals.

Join Mentor Agility today and become a catalyst for personal and professional transformation through trauma-informed coaching.

With almost 3 out of 4 people having experienced a traumatic experience,

can you afford to not know how to work with trauma?

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