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Wyoming Veterans Commissioner Tim Sheppard holding the  Abraham Lincoln Award of Excellence with Julie & Robin Elledge

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Mentor Agility’s Trauma Informed Coaching Certification is the exclusive coaching certification underlying the Veterans Talking to Veterans program. Mentor Agility trains Veterans with an out-of-the-box coaching approach that is evidence-based. 

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What is VTTV?

Veterans Talking to Veterans (VTTV) is a compelling program that trains veterans as coaches to support veterans thriving. With personal experience in military life, these skilled coaches possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges of veterans and their families. 

Because no one understands the veterans experience like someone who has experienced military life, VTTV recruits veterans for this specialized approach. This is not a peer-to-peer program. VTTV coaches are professionals who understand the veterans experience from the inside out. 

VTTV coaching groups serve as a powerful support system in the community, inspiring positive change and progress towards personal development, growth, and healing.

Some veterans and their families encounter  traumatic experiences. VTTV Coaches are trained with unique, specialized trauma-informed coaching techniques. Leveraging storytelling as a natural response to trauma, VTTV Coaches tap into the powerful potential to stimulate veterans' natural self-healing abilities.

Through free community group coaching sessions, VTTV coaches partner with veterans to stimulate motivation, overcome trauma, and find new meaning and purpose in civilian life.

Storytelling is the backbone of healing and growth.

Veterans Talking to Veterans is truly a unique program designed specifically with Veterans in mind to help them achieve their goals in life with the support of those who have walked the same path they have.

With methods like group storytelling, the Hero’s Journey®️ Change Model, and The Way, Redefining your Health, Wealth, and Wisdom Coaching Game, clients transform destructive and harmful emotions into constructive and powerful sources of creativity and problem solving.

A New Professional Approach

Peer-to-peer groups offer valuable support by bringing individuals with shared recovery experiences together. In contrast, VTTV coaching groups take it a step further, employing group coaching to fortify both individual and community motivation towards healing, growth, and action. Our trauma-informed coaching methodology is uniquely designed to cater to the specific needs of veterans, creating a safe and nurturing environment that fosters trust, empathy, and resilience. Through VTTV coaching groups, veterans find support not only in their personal healing journeys but also in becoming proactive agents of positive change within their communities. This collective approach promotes a sense of belonging, empowerment, and shared progress, fostering a stronger and more cohesive community as veterans heal, grow, and take meaningful action together. Mentor Agility's storytelling approach adds depth and transformation to the group coaching experience, guiding veterans towards lasting healing and personal growth, thus creating a ripple effect of positive impact for both individuals and the communities they belong to.

Life Coach Magazine

Mentor Agility rated top 5 Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification in 2023!

Rated Best for Obtaining Both ICF & NBC-HWC Credentials.


Master trauma-informed coaching skills from an ICF LEVEL 1 qualified program and join a worldwide community of coaches.


Learn from a Credentialed program for the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC). Open up your possibilities with an NBHWC Credential.

A Versatile & Adaptable Approach

At the heart of Veterans Talking to Veterans Program lies a flexible and all-encompassing approach that adeptly addresses the diverse demographics within the Veterans Community. This transformative process ensures that veterans from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences can adapt their coaching to the specific needs of the  community they belong to.

VTTV Coaches are exceptionally equipped to tailor their support to various subgroups and environments within the Veterans community including the most vulnerable populations identified by the VA — women, tribal and Department of Correction Veterans.      

Whether it is veterans transitioning to civilian life, those dealing with combat-related trauma, or families of veterans seeking healing and understanding, these skilled coaches can provide coaching dialogue in a multitude of settings.

From large businesses to intimate community gatherings, from medical offices to places of worship, VTTV Coaches reach out to veterans across different domains, recognizing the importance of meeting them where they are. This dynamic and adaptable program fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among veterans, promoting healing, personal growth, and renewed purpose for all who participate.

Veterans Talking to Veterans stands as a beacon of support, forging connections and nurturing resilience across the entire Veterans Community. Together, veterans of all backgrounds unite under the shared goal of empowerment, turning a flexible approach into a transformative journey of healing and hope.

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